A trip to Grandma’s House


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Fairfield Lakes in Lafayette

I wanted to go someplace new today so I searched online for what was close to home. I was surprised to find this place and glad I went to it .There is not a lot to do there except fish and walk the paths they have around the lakes. Still it’s all a nice place to go to and relax. Of course being a Wednesday it had few people but it was still enough for me.




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Celery Bog Bird Watching

It is to nice of a day to stay home when I can be out watching nature in action. That is a true statement as the smaller birds hop around from branch to branch and tree to tree in a heartbeat. Try to focus a telephoto lens on one and you will find out yourself.

I took my old Canon 30D with the old Canon 400mm 5.6 out today with me. It did okay but the lens is rather heavy and I should have taken a tripod or monopod with me. Might have obtained better photos that way.


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Celery Bog Photo Excursion

It was me, the camera and the heavy 400mm lens out at the Celery Bog in West Lafayette, Indiana. It was a beautiful day for being out and watching the birds and other critters going about their business. There were not that many of the larger birds at the Bog today but I concentrated on what small birds I could get a good photograph of. Some I just could not get a good picture of since they scurried from one branch/tree to another. They were pretty little birds but so difficult to photograph. Maybe another day I will get better shots.
Here is what I did see and photograph. American Tree SparrowBlack and white WarblerBluejayFemale Red-Bellied WoodpeckerGreat Blue HerronSquirrelUnknown Species (maybe Warbler)warbler maybe


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It was a warm day to be out in nature.

I drove up to Prophetstown State Park to see how the wildflowers were doing. the Virginia Bluebells were looking really good. There were probably a thousand of them on this one trail up and down the hills to both sides. Sure was pretty. I think that is my favorite flower off all the wildflowers.

My next stop for the day was at Colombian Park. With my trusty Canon 5D Mark II in hand with my ever so heavy 400mm lens. There are some critters who are usually far enough away that you just cannot get a good shot of them unless you have a descent telephoto lens. I always enjoy watching the monkeys but they were somewhat quiet and settled down for a change. Make for good photo ops that way.

This is what I saw yesterday at Colombian Park in Lafayette Indiana. I hate shooting through fences but that is what I have to do at this Zoo.

River Otter

River Otter basking in the sun



Turley Vulture

Turkey Vulture



White Pawed Gibons at ease

White Pawed Gibbons relaxing

White Pawed Gibons

White Pawed Gibbons taking a break from grooming his partner

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Don’t Be Frightened

It’s just little ole me!

After numerous times in the past of trying to get a descent picture of myself I finally got serious about it. I set up my muslin background, a couple of lights, a reflectorĀ and plenty of patience trying to get myself in focus and in the correct position in the photo.

By the way folks. I am not vain about my wrinkles. I earned everyone of them.


Lots of work






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Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I spent my thanksgiving morning at Turkey Run State Park. I knew there would not be as many people as usual on the trials so I chanced going this morning. I was rewarded with some solitude for a few hours. I met a few people on the trails ( I walked two of them) and then when I came back up closer to the Suspension Bridge I started running into more than I wanted to see.

It seems Turkey Run and I are old friends and I am beginning to think it is true as I see more and more of what it has to offer up each time I go.

The reason I like to go when there are not many people on the trials is that I can enjoy the solitude and take a leisure walk on the trails. I had no idea why but as I was leaving the park I noticed the parking lot at the Inn was filling up quite a lot. I also saw many people leaving the Inn lot and going out into the park as I was driving past it.

Here are a few of what I photographed today. It was chilly out for the first two hours but warmed up rather nicely just before I left.

At one part of the trail I came across a man with his dog. Dog lunged at me but the guy had a good hold of the lease so it was okay. As I walked a little further on the trail I ran upon what I know the guy had allowed his dog to do on the trail. Yep, smack dab in the middle of the trail was a deposit his dog had left for someone to step in to. It was no doubt his dog as it was very fresh. Some people have no idea how this can cause someone’s good day turn into a bad one.

Odd BarkRoots CliftRootsSugar CreekTrail 10 FallCamel Back overlook


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