Out of Curiosity

I was curious if photos were safe on this website today. I have often wondered about it in the past too. So this morning I decided to find out. I went to a beautiful photo of another photographer and did indeed download it. First thought that came to mind was someone could steal and print anyones photographs on this web site. After downloading it, then checking to see how big the file was, I went ahead and downloaded a couple of my own pieces of work. What a releif it is to know that when photos are downloaded from this site they are reduced enough that if anyone should try to steal anyone’s work they will not get much. Files that I know were rather large were in fact (when downloaded) very small. If anyone tried to print a photo from this web site they would be wasting their time.

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Just thought

Thought I would post a picture that I created a few years ago. Yes it is photoshopped but only in the way of blending them all into one picture. Making a collage isn’t that hard when one wants to create something different. I do have a 16×20 of this pic hanging on one of my walls.

With all the photographs I had made since then I do have more that I would like to have prints made from and hang them up for display. If I did make prints I would have to rent someone’s walls as I don’t have any more space for any.

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White Line Photography

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Blackline Photography

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Just Be There

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11/10/2020 Turkey Run State Park

First off I just wanted to say that someone was not paying attention and locked their keys in the car. I won’t mention anyone’s name. Locksmith took care of that problem in short order.

Before I left to go hiking a few trails I walked around taking pictures of the pavillions that are in the general area between the Inn and the Nature Center. I hiked trail 4 and trail 8 since it has been years since I was on both of them together. While walking I saw what I thought was an owl sitting inside a large hole in the side of one tree. When I was close enough to see I could tell it was a racoon. All I had was my 10-24mm lens so getting a good shot of it was out of the question. Besides as I walked just off the edge of the trail it scurried up inside the cavity of the tree.

So enjoy the scenery I provided as it may be the last for some time now. I think old man winter has come to stay until next year. Shucks!

These are all up around the parking lot.

The trails and some of what makes Turkey Run so special to many people.

The last picture on the lower right has a tree that grew out of the rocks. It is long dead. I have been there so many times in my life and never noticed it. I guess it pays to slow down once in a while.

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11/2/2020 Turkey Run State Park

Not going to type much on this post. I think most of the time no one reads it. Maybe a couple people do. Most just want to see pictures.

Click on the first picture and it will enlarge so you can see it much better.

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10 29 2020 Fort and Bog Trip

It started out a rather cold damp day but it did warm up pretty nice for walking around in mother nature.

My first stop was Fort Quiatenon. I don’t go to the Feast of the Hunters Moon but I do like to go there at other times. I had the whole area to myself except when one Work Van came in then left. A few minutes later another Parks Department Truck came in with two workers in it. I finished up my photography project and slipped on down the road.

I decided to stop at the Celery Bog again to see if there was any color still in the trees or even if they changed since the last time I was there.

I walked to the Nature Preserve area as I knew it would have some color in the trees as it usually does. Always have seen the bright yellow leaves every year I have been there.

I only saw three ladies walking the trails where I was. Two of them walked past me and I greeted them then the looks I received back was very strange. They looked at me like, what right do you have to speak to us! I don’t know, maybe they were afraid of me since I have been letting my beard grow. On another occasion I saw a single women walking the trail and she spoke to me when she were within hearing distance. It was a peaceful time at the Celery Bog today. Not many people in the area I was in but there were probably 9 or 10 cars in the two parking lots. I am glad to see others get out and enjoy the trails during the colorful part of the year.

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Mother Earth

I had seen this on a few web pages for sale. It took me a few weeks to decide if I wanted it or not. As you have probably guess you can tell who won the debate. Me, myself or I. I like this little statue and it has a lot of detail in it and requires a little studying to see all that is there. This represents Mother Earth.

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