Bird of Prey

This dreary wet morning I spotted a Coopers Hawk sitting in my dead tulip tree in my back yard. Now is my chance to get a shot of him if he stays long enough for me to get my camera and slip on the telephoto lens. I stepped out in to my driveway and shoot a couple shots of this bird but wanted a frontal shot of him for identifying him better. Well stupid me didn’t get the camera all set up to get some fast shots in case it bolted when it saw me. Just as I walked down my alley to get in front of him I started to turn as it was a perfect shot for what I wanted. Yep the moment I started to raise the camera up he took flight. I didn’t even have a chance to get one more shot of him. Oh how I wished he had stayed for a few moments where he was. Well this is all I did manage to get and I had to crop it so much it is pixelated to much. Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II and a 400mm 5.6 L lens. Exposure was ISO 1600, shutter 1/1000 at f/5.6.

I even had a tele-converter I could have used to bring it up closer but I didn’t want to take the chance of not getting the shot. Plus with the converter it would all be manual focus and it is not easy when there is little light out yet and so hazy. So…… I get what I get.


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McCormick’s Creek State Park Trail 5

September 26th 2017. It was a warm day in the upper 80’s and a slight breeze which helped cool things down a little.

The map showed it was a 2 mile round trip on trail 5 beginning at the sign and ending just up the road a little from the parking lot for adventurers to explore trail 5.

Most of the time I venture out to State Parks, National Parks, and County Parks alone. I like to hit the parks from Tuesday thru Thursday as they are usually less people on the trails at that time. I love my time in the woods and with a lot of people out and about I cannot enjoy it as much. Being a solo hiker is okay but it sure would be nice to have someone who is interested in being in mother nature together so much better. A hiking companion is always a plus.

I took many pictures on this short hike and enjoyed every minute of being out there. This is but just a small portion of what I saw while slowly walking and observing everything my eye would be drawn to.

So without much further ado here are the some of the photographs I did take. Comments and suggestions are welcomed.



Beginning of Trail 5


Just a tree that had broken/rotted off or was it struck my lightning


So many downed trees all over the park


First bridge I crossed walking this two mile trail


Seating area for those who want to rest at Wolf Cave


Wolf Cave


To have to crawl to enter this


Other side of the cave taken from under the Twin Bridges


Love the cave wall under the Twin Bridges


It was way bigger than you can imagine


Bridge crossed as I hiked back to the car


I call this running tree who fell down


This growth of bark on this tree reminded me of a heart



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The Notorius Trail Three

Made a trip to Turkey Run State Park a couple of days ago. I am one of those who needs my time in nature to relax and see things in a better view.

Trail 3 has always been one of the roughest trails in Turkey Run. In fact they even have a t-shirt for purchase at the gift shop at the Inn that says “I survived trail 3.”

It seems each year it gets a little better with all the trees and debris that comes down with the heavy rains of the spring and early summer. Although I had not been on the trail for several years I chose to go when I knew not many people would be at the park. For this I was rewarded with the solitude of the trail except for an occasional couple hiking the trail. It was a very relaxing time for me. So much so that I even took some time to just sit on a rock or log in some of the canyons to enjoy the peace and quiet.



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Yeah I have been a little busy lately. The weather doesn’t want to cooperate here in Indiana so it limits my visits to state parks.

Baby croppedHowever I did purchase a car over the weekend. It is a 1996 Ford Mustang. It is in really good shape with only a little over 58,000 miles. It had belonged to a smoker so today I scrubber it as well as I can with my carpet cleaner. It is an old Bissell and I think it is about ready to go to its resting place. It left the material pretty wet. So a little while ago I put some towels on the seats and floor board to hopefully soak up some of the dampness tonight even though it is damp outside. Whenever it warms up I want to clean the paint up to make it shine even more and also fix some places the clear coat is coming off. Never done it before so this will be a new experience for me. Either way I can have fun working with my new ride.

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Found Item

A couple weeks ago I was at a friends for a few days. One day we went looking for rocks and I found this among a pile of rocks someone had piled up as a marker. Well it’s mine now. I’m not sure if it is an Indian childs moccasin print or maybe a pioneer childs footprint.

I have tried contacting the Purdue Archaeology Department to see if this can be dated but so far I have not heard back from anyone on it. I guess that is what happens when you become a big business. Never return calls or emails unless it benefits you. Nuff said!


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Beautiful Fall Day

It was so nice out yesterday Nov 16, 2016. I grabbed my camera and went to Milligan Park in Crawfordsville Indiana. I was equipped with one camera, one mono-pod, one 400mm lens and also my 1.4 multiplier. I found a spot that had plenty of walnuts on the ground and plenty of squirrels roaming all over the place. I sat down and leaned against a tree and waited. I didn’t have to wait long before I started seeing the little rascals running around gathering the walnuts and taking them up the trees to munch on and also they were burying some. I shot 128 photos and most of them were sharp and exposure was pretty good. I stayed there for about 3 hours and the time sure did go fast.

Here are a few shots from that outing. It was nice just watching them scurry around.


Shooting with rapid succession sure did get their attention.


He was removing the walnut hull then spitting it out. I had never seen that before.


Was he posing or hopeful that I wasn’t watching?

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Past Couple Years

Yes the past couple years Prophetstown State Park near Lafayette Indiana has been having Halloween figures on display along one paved trail. This year is has more than doubled with figures. They are made and displayed by businesses in the area and some are pretty good. I only took one photo of any of them as I have a cousin named Mary so I had to send it to her in an email. She loves it even though I call her Mary and not her real name of Maryann.


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