Sister’s Talents

One of my younger sisters has a talent that seems to be going to waste. I really wish she could make more stuff and sell some of them. Unfortunately the market for buying much of anything is gone out the window lately.


She made this for me and made it the way I wished it would look. It is my hippie bear with the Woodstock emblem on the back of the vest, the peace sign medallion and the Lennon glasses. She did a great job of this one and she said it was hard to part with.

This was her first dragon sculpture she made. I loved this one but I believe she did sell it.
This magazine cover was made up and sent to her just so she could see her name in print, even though it was fake. I had fun creating it and I hope she really enjoyed seeing it.

While visiting her last year she ask me if I wanted this sculpture and I did so I brought it home with me. It is about a foot wide by maybe 9 or 10 inches tall.


About bobh47955

A nature lover, photographer and a tired old man. But I am always trying to learn new things. :-)
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