A strange occurance

Saturday night at a specified time I was to lay down and get comfortable. I was to experience something new to me but yet not surprising since I have known many things that were going to happen before they actually happened. Yes I have a little clairvoyant ability in me but it is not something that I can control. It is something that comes to me and I just know it will happen.

I lite some incense, put a CD in my surround sound, turned it up to drown out the noise of any trains that might go past the house and laid back and relaxed. I also pulled a hoodie over my waist since my house feels so cold all the time. I tucked my hands inside the hoodie. I did all this just before 7:00 PM. (There are times that my hands get so cold they feel like ice. It is at these times that I love to stick them on someone’s neck or arm to watch their reaction. The devil made me do it. 🙂 )

I no sooner laid down and I noticed that my temples had a really warm feeling. It was almost like a slight burning feeling but not uncomfortable. All the while that I was laying there I was thinking to myself, What should I do, just lay there and go blank in my thoughts, should I concentrate on what was happening, what should I do. Since it was a new experience for me I just wasn’t sure what to do so I just laid there and concentrated on the smell of the incense, my breathing, feeling the air going in and out of my chest and the music that was playing. I did notice that my breathing had slowed down and I was calming down quite a bit. The relaxing feeling I was having was not like when I would lay down to go to sleep but a relaxing feeling like my body was releasing stress from the day and maybe even more. It was a calming effect to me.

About 20 minutes later I noticed that the back of my hands was starting to feel warm, almost like a tingling feeling but more of a warm feeling. It was almost like someone had put their hands over mine and I was feeling their body heat transferring to mine. At this time I slid my hands out from under the hoodie. I thought maybe I was getting too warm under the hoodie. I can say that once my hands were out in the cool air they did not cool down but remained warm on the back of my hands.

I actually felt a little warmth on the tops of my feet but dismissed it as my imagination.

The heat in my temples started to go into my cheeks and a little on my chin. It was not uncomfortable but just the warmth like someone had their hands on me. It was also about this time that I started getting a throbbing in my temples and my arms and hands. I actually had a very slight headache for about a minute. I could feel the blood flowing through my veins and with each heart beat I could feel it surge. I could actually feel my heart beating in my chest but it was not uncomfortable. At one point I started getting pains that seemed to travel around my body. I had a slight pain in my right side of my chest right around my heart, then a twinge in my right arm. A little later I felt a slight pain on the opposite side of my heart. Wow, was this normal or was something wrong with me! I was not sure since this was my first experience but I went with what was happening at the moment.

Eventually the throbbing in my head went away and the slight headache I had went too. So I just laid there listening to what music was left playing on the surround sound and enjoying the relaxed feeling I was experiencing.

As instructed, I was supposed to stay in the laid out position for about 45 to 50 minutes and if I felt like it, I could stay that way as long as I wanted. It was close to an hour after I started this experience that I finally got out of bed. I felt a little weak. Went into the bathroom (lots of water that day) and felt a little woozy for a few minutes. I went into the kitchen to retrieve some water and while I was in there my legs felt weak like I just wanted to sit down.

With that taken care of I went to my computer to read any messages. As I sat at the computer the back of my hands felt warm. Normally my hands are cold especially during the winter months. I was to receive a message from the person who was coordinating this experience with me. I indeed had an email from her and she stated what time she started and what time she had finished. She also ask for some feedback from me about this experience so I obliged and sent her a message back. Of course me being me I had a few questions for her. Shortly after that I received one back from her, she briefly explained what she had done and at what time she did it. To my amazement, the moment my hands were feeling the heat, she was working on them to remove the blockages I had. She also told me I had blockages in my abdomen, heart and forehead. I couldn’t tell you much more than that but I do know that I felt relaxed and mellowed out. It seemed stress had left me and I had not one worry in the world. This feeling lasted for days afterward. In fact I still feel like I have no reason to let stress enter my life. I feel relaxed and carefree to an extent. I have no idea how long this feeling will last but I truly hope it stays with me for a long long time.

In case anyone reading this has not figured out what I am talking about. I had a Distance Reiki Healing. Being the person I am, I was truly surprised that I felt what area of my body she was working on at the time she was working on it. I was skeptical but not anymore.

I am thankful for what she did for me.

A little note here: Some will be skeptical about what I wrote and that is okay with me. I was skeptical too but had to experience it myself. I have heard that some say it is some form of witchcraft, black magic or whatever you want to call it. I don’t believe it is anything harmful but in fact a benefit to everything in this world. A prayer is sent to the divine for guidance before the healing begins so that right there proves it is not evil in origin. If you want to learn more about Reiki and how it works, pick up a book to read or do a little research on the internet.

I also want to add here that I dabble in Aromatherapy. I use Lavender Essence Oils at night that helps me get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. Lavender has a calming effect.


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4 Responses to A strange occurance

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! It means so much to me! What a beautiful expression of your experience! Reiki is used in many “experimental” hospitals, and also by the U.S. government for treatment of P.T.S.D., but it has yet to really be “mainstreamed”. If more people would share their experiences with Reiki in a public forum, perhaps many would come to understand the benefits. Thank you for sharing your experience! Your kind words are heart-warming!

  2. Reblogged this on Reiki Share and commented:
    Beautifully written blog on an experience with Distance Reiki 🙂

  3. bobh47955 says:

    Thanks for the likes and comment!

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