Celery Bog Wildlife and Wildflowers

_MG_2072During the fall of 2010 and 2011 I made a few trips up to West Lafayette Indiana Celery Bog. It is a great place to watch wildlife in their natural habitat. I believe it was in 2010 that someone decided to cut down most of the trees that were on the waters edge. Many of them were dead but a few still have life in them. When they cut them down they took away the Ducks (Mallards), Canadian Geese, Great Blue Herron, Green Herron and so on, homes. Along with the birds habitat they also took away all the frogs homes too. I don’t know who decided to do this but I don’t think they were using their heads or hearts.

During the trips I have made to the Celery Bog I always had my friend with me. I call her Lucy even though her name is Linda. I gotta be me don’t I. Sometimes she brings along her little digital camera but them sometimes she doesn’t. I have been trying to teach her a little photography and sometimes she gets some really nice pictures. Most of the time I don’t think she has her heart in the project like I do.

When I go to the Celery Bog it is usually a very hot and humid day or it is just a beautiful day. Either one is fine with me as I love the warm weather. The following pictures are all three trips combined. I didn’t label the pictures as most probably could care less what they name is anyway. I understand that myself as sometimes it is nice to know what they are called but yet it is more important to admire their beauty. So enjoy and be sure to make comments. If you liked them, great. If you hated them, that is okay too. Just please make some type of comment. Do not be alarmed as some of the pictures are a little blurry. It always seems that it is so windy when I am out taking wildflower photographs. That is just the law of nature and always my luck! 🙂

_MG_2069 _MG_2070 _MG_2074 _MG_2078 _MG_2080 _MG_2083 _MG_2086 _MG_2089 _MG_2090 _MG_2091 _MG_2094 _MG_2095 _MG_2096 _MG_2099 _MG_2100 _MG_2104 _MG_2107 _MG_2109 _MG_2115 _MG_2116 _MG_2127 _MG_2137 _MG_2143 _MG_2145 _MG_2146 _MG_2151 _MG_2152 _MG_2153 _MG_2160 _MG_2164 _MG_2165 _MG_2289 _MG_2296 _MG_3269 _MG_2063 _MG_2064 _MG_2065 _MG_2067 _MG_2068


About bobh47955

A nature lover, photographer and a tired old man. But I am always trying to learn new things. :-)
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2 Responses to Celery Bog Wildlife and Wildflowers

  1. Linda Mason says:

    Beautiful pictures Bob! I really love the dragonfly and the woodpecker.

  2. bobh47955 says:

    Thanks for the likes and comment!

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