PTA Park

The PTA Park is located in Frankfort Indiana. It is a nice park with a zoo and plenty for the kids to do. There are numerous shelters for picnic or reunions but it is best to reserve one well in advance as they fill up a year in advance.

This photograph is a small fountain that is by one of the main shelters. It struck my eye so I photographed it.



About bobh47955

A nature lover, photographer and a tired old man. But I am always trying to learn new things. :-)
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3 Responses to PTA Park

  1. I like fountains. The stonework looks old. Is the fountain historic?

    • bobh47955 says:

      Not sure of the history of it. I was there after they had already shut the park down for the winter. Not sure but I think they use it as a planter now.

  2. I think the mark of a photographer is photographing things that take your eye – otherwise there seems little point in carrying a camera! 😉
    Fantastic backdrop to the ‘fountain’.

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