Wet Trip to the State Park

The weather forecast has been for thunderstorms for the past month. With that I have been avoiding going to the State Parks. We had rain a few times in the past month so they were not completely wrong.

Today I decided to go to Shades State Park and chance getting rained on. Either way I won’t melt but I might float. 😉

The drive down, I ran into a downpour. It rained so hard I was thinking of turning around and going back home. But I kept heading toward the park thinking the rain would stop. By the time I got close to the park the rain had stopped and I entered the park with my seasonal park pass and proceeded to the area I wanted to go today. I took trail 2 as I wanted to go down to Sugar Creek and see if I can find any rocks to bring home and tumble some day. Apparently it had rained somewhere as the creek was rather high where I exited from the trail.

Anyway, no one wants to hear me rattle on about my walking around a bunch of trees so I will post some pics from the trail I was on. These pics are the actual trail and not shooting off into another area of the park. I was walking most of the way and wading mud sometimes. It was all fun to me. I tried b&w and color this time so I may try it again some other time as I used my old 30D today. I think my 5D will do a much better job of it.

Oh by the way, it did end up sprinkling on me but I didn’t mind. I was where I wanted to be among all my friends, the forest.



I had to crank the ISO as high as I could (6400) get on the camera today since it was dark, damp and dreary in the forest. So focusing was not all that great today.


About bobh47955

A nature lover, photographer and a tired old man. But I am always trying to learn new things. :-)
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One Response to Wet Trip to the State Park

  1. Its a refreshing trail! Wish i could spend some time there (but, of course not when its raining).

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