Another Covered Bridge


While out cemetery hopping I ran across this covered bridge that is near one of the cemeteries I was visiting yesterday. It is named Wallace Covered Bridge. It was right beside a park and ball field. It is located in Wallace Indiana.Image


About bobh47955

A nature lover, photographer and a tired old man. But I am always trying to learn new things. :-)
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9 Responses to Another Covered Bridge

  1. judy says:

    Can never see too many covered bridges! very nice

  2. Linda Mason says:

    Always loved covered bridges such a nice part of our history.

  3. walktx says:

    The title says “another” but this is the first time I ran across your blog and I don’t know if you’ve already posted Cox Ford Covered Bridge in Marshall, Ind

  4. Christian Webb says:

    I a Wallace resident, and we almost lost this bridge because of straight-line winds. It was leaning almost into the creek. That’s why the X-shaped supports and cables are there. The park also is virtually abandoned now. Awesome photo!

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