Butterfield Overland Trail and Mail

The following information was taken from Florence Treasured Memories 170 years 1832 – 2002. This publication is produced every 10 years with new stories about growing up in the Florence Missouri area.

Mulholland Station was the second station on the Butterfield Trail located on what is now known as the Ray Baughman farm.

          The Butterfield overland mail began September 16, 1858 at the Shackleford station. The mail arrived by train from the east coast and parts in between. The Shackleford station was located 7 miles from Tipton and 1½ miles south of Syracuse, it was 13 miles going through Florence to the James Mulholland station 3 miles southwest of Florence. It continued on to Burns Station on the outskirts of Cole Camp on through Springfield and eventually on to San Francisco, California.

          The Concord Coach used 6 horses and could haul 9 passengers inside. In the rougher areas they used what was called a mud coach. The driver of the first run was John Butterfield Jr. The fare per passenger was $200.00 west bound and only $100.00 east bound. The way fare either direction was 10¢ per mile. The postal rates were 10¢ for letters mailed via overland. The stage averaged 120 miles daily unless delayed by mishaps or other hazards.

The Mulholland station was located across the road from the home of Duane, Theresa, Garrin and Rayelyn Baughman. The Mulholland’s lived in a house in the general area of the Baughman house.

Note: There are no stations left on this stretch of the Butterfield Trail but I did see the area where the James Mulholland station stables were located. This is an interesting piece of information for any history buffs. Also the Monument shows the name was spelled Mulholland but the book showed it was spelled Munhollen. The Monument says Butterfield Trail Line and Overland Mail dated 1858.


Looking to the east on the trail.

Looking to the east on the trail.

Looking to the west of the trail with Hanging Rock in view.

Looking to the west of the trail with Hanging Rock in view.

Mulholland Station Monument

Mulholland Station Monument

Close to my long-time friend’s home that I visited is what all locals call the hanging rock. At first I thought maybe it was a place that they hung people from for their wrong doings, but I found out it was because the rock used to hang way out over the trail. A large portion of it fell off some years ago but this spot is still a popular spot for people to congregate in the evenings. That is mostly people partying and whatever they can think of doing. One night while staying with my friend we could smell the smoke of a campfire down at the Hanging Rock.


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One Response to Butterfield Overland Trail and Mail

  1. Cindy says:

    This makes me want to take a trip on a wagon down the Butterfield Trail! Beautiful there! Makes you wonder if our ancestors took that trail. Love these pics!

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