Pretty Wildflower

I have no idea how this came into my yard but I have been watching this grow for the past month. Yesterday I noticed one flower that had opened, so as much as I tried (it was very windy), I got at least one photo worth posting. Today there are three that has opened. BTW there are two plants growing close to each other.

I had no idea what kind of flower this was since I could not find one exactly like it in my Wildflower Book. So after finding the one that was shaped a lot like it (a Wild Columbine) I went to the page with the description and it told me what it was. Yes it is a Columbine but it is a fairly rare Columbine. There are more and more of them appearing in the United States now. It is a European Columbine. Very pretty indeed.European-Columbine-2


About bobh47955

A nature lover, photographer and a tired old man. But I am always trying to learn new things. :-)
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