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A nature lover, photographer and a tired old man. But I am always trying to learn new things. :-)

A trip to Grandma’s House


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Fairfield Lakes in Lafayette

I wanted to go someplace new today so I searched online for what was close to home. I was surprised to find this place and glad I went to it .There is not a lot to do there except fish … Continue reading

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Celery Bog Bird Watching

It is to nice of a day to stay home when I can be out watching nature in action. That is a true statement as the smaller birds hop around from branch to branch and tree to tree in a … Continue reading

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Celery Bog Photo Excursion

It was me, the camera and the heavy 400mm lens out at the Celery Bog in West Lafayette, Indiana. It was a beautiful day for being out and watching the birds and other critters going about their business. There were … Continue reading

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It was a warm day to be out in nature.

I drove up to Prophetstown State Park to see how the wildflowers were doing. the Virginia Bluebells were looking really good. There were probably a thousand of them on this one trail up and down the hills to both sides. … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Frightened

It’s just little ole me! After numerous times in the past of trying to get a descent picture of myself I finally got serious about it. I set up my muslin background, a couple of lights, a reflector¬†and plenty of … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I spent my thanksgiving morning at Turkey Run State Park. I knew there would not be as many people as usual on the trials so I chanced going this morning. I was rewarded with some solitude for a few … Continue reading

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