One light with softbox (off camera flash) and a black background. Not to hard to do but limits your creativity when you’re the subject and photographer.




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This is my complete household. Me, Myself & I.

It is so hard getting everyone together for a portrait.


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Invading Their Privacy

A couple of Turtle Doves were in a tree in my back yard. So I just had to set up my Canon 30D (which has a  multiplication factor of 1.6) with a 400mm lens and a 1.4 extender. All together it equaled 896mm lens. Now that will bring subjects up pretty close but it will not autofocus with a extender on it. Oh well, I know how to focus the camera. Here are the results of that combination.

When the male landed close to her she started fluttering her wings. I guess that must have been telling him she was interested or telling him to back off. The he approached her but nothing more happened. In the end she was left alone sitting on another branch. Oh the love life of a Turtle Dove.





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Robin in the Spring

Sure everyone has seen robins but I prefer to take photographs of birds in the woods. It looks better than taking a photograph of them in your front yard or with a building in the background.

Taken at the Celery Bog Nature Area in West Lafayette Indiana.



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Albino Robin

I had never seen an albino robin in my whole life. So when I saw it I thought it was some other type of bird. That was until I could get a good photograph of it from a few angles.

Taken at the Celery Bog Nature Area in West Lafayette Indiana.



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Scroll Saw Project



Some years ago I took a photograph of an older Min-Pin. I took the photograph and manipulated it a little in photoshop and the end results didn’t look to bad to use as a scroll saw project. So I cut it on my scroll saw then tried my hand at Acrylic Paint. I have a lot to learn yet but maybe someday it will be better. Only problem I had was trying to figure out how to give him some whiskers, which he doesn’t have in this project.



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I don’t normally post pictures of children but today I have broken my own rule. I watched him today while my daughter worked as he was to sick to go to the Daycare he usually goes to. Well even though he was sick he still smiled for all the photographs I took of him today. This is one of the best I did and hope to be able to get a nice enlargement of it to hang on my wall.

Oh and there is no posing kids when they are this young. Just try to get the best expressions and hope that the lighting will be sufficient.


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