Beautiful Fall Day

It was so nice out yesterday Nov 16, 2016. I grabbed my camera and went to Milligan Park in Crawfordsville Indiana. I was equipped with one camera, one mono-pod, one 400mm lens and also my 1.4 multiplier. I found a spot that had plenty of walnuts on the ground and plenty of squirrels roaming all over the place. I sat down and leaned against a tree and waited. I didn’t have to wait long before I started seeing the little rascals running around gathering the walnuts and taking them up the trees to munch on and also they were burying some. I shot 128 photos and most of them were sharp and exposure was pretty good. I stayed there for about 3 hours and the time sure did go fast.

Here are a few shots from that outing. It was nice just watching them scurry around.


Shooting with rapid succession sure did get their attention.


He was removing the walnut hull then spitting it out. I had never seen that before.


Was he posing or hopeful that I wasn’t watching?

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Past Couple Years

Yes the past couple years Prophetstown State Park near Lafayette Indiana has been having Halloween figures on display along one paved trail. This year is has more than doubled with figures. They are made and displayed by businesses in the area and some are pretty good. I only took one photo of any of them as I have a cousin named Mary so I had to send it to her in an email. She loves it even though I call her Mary and not her real name of Maryann.


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The Colors Are Changing

I have been to Turkey Run State Park so many times and visited the Narrows Bridge just about as much. The bridge is on the east side of the park and there is another one on the west side of the park. You would think as many times as I have photographed Narrows Bridge that I would have had all the angles covered. Wrong! I went there yesterday (19th of October) and walked up to it and lo and behold I happened to see the bridge a way I have never seen before. I admired it for probably 20 minutes and did take several pictures of it. Here is the one that I really like real well. I hope you enjoy seeing it too.


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A sunburn later

These were just zoom zoom zooming all over the place yesterday and there were hundreds of them.

B&W DragonflyGray Dragonfly

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One light with softbox (off camera flash) and a black background. Not to hard to do but limits your creativity when you’re the subject and photographer.




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This is my complete household. Me, Myself & I.

It is so hard getting everyone together for a portrait.


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Invading Their Privacy

A couple of Turtle Doves were in a tree in my back yard. So I just had to set up my Canon 30D (which has a  multiplication factor of 1.6) with a 400mm lens and a 1.4 extender. All together it equaled 896mm lens. Now that will bring subjects up pretty close but it will not autofocus with a extender on it. Oh well, I know how to focus the camera. Here are the results of that combination.

When the male landed close to her she started fluttering her wings. I guess that must have been telling him she was interested or telling him to back off. The he approached her but nothing more happened. In the end she was left alone sitting on another branch. Oh the love life of a Turtle Dove.





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